What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis Counselling is a form of psycho-spiritual psychology (or in American terms, Transpersonal psychology). It is an approach to health and well-being that understands you are essentially whole and unique, and that who you truly are is much more than any presenting issue that might bring you to counselling.

The exploration and healing within psychosynthesis, is not just talking therapy, it is based on a process of learning to listen to one’s own felt sense; to tune in somatically to one’s experience. In other words, learning to listen and trust our body’s communication and wisdom. Approaching healing this way, our emotional experience comes into more balance and can be attuned to and allowed with more of a sense of inner safety and compassion. 

Psychosynthesis stands apart from other counselling modalities in that, in tandem with sound psychological therapy; dealing with issues, healing trauma and changing problematic patterns, it also helps you to make meaning around why things happen and to understand the bigger picture of your life. It brings better knowing of who you are, your life purpose and how to walk each day with more meaning and value. With this clarity and strength in yourself you can be more confident and build a stable inner foundation to help you manage better with life’s ongoing challenges.

Challenges and symptoms that may be manifesting in your life are valued as doorways to help you grow. A Psychosynthesis Counsellor will be able to explore with you what might be happening on a deeper/higher level, and it is through exploring this deeper/higher level that you can create balance in yourself and find joy.

Psychosynthesis counselling can help you to expand your self-capacity, develop your creativity, strengthen your compassion, and access your inner wisdom. It also gives you practical ways to apply this learning into daily life in a way that is serving and meaningful for you.

A Psychosynthesis counsellor will often employ many techniques from different counselling modalities and work in a way that is responding with aliveness to each individual, rather than having a “one size fits all” map to follow. Much importance is placed on a heart-full and sincere therapeutic relationship between the counsellor and the client, where the client will feel met, heard and respected.

You will find that every psychosynthesis counsellor, alongside their theoretical and practical training, has undertaken extensive personal work.

For more information on Psychosynthesis please visit: www.psychosynthesis.co.nz

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