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Ratna lives in Whanganui, New Zealand. She works as a Psychosynthesis Counsellor; a form of psychospiritual psychology (or in American terms: transpersonal psychology). Her main passions in life are spirituality and close connections with people she loves. Everyday she walks in nature with her dog and practices yoga and meditation. She enjoys her garden and making things beautiful. She plays guitar, enjoys singing and also making creative artworks. (See her mandala art page)

Born in 1978, Ratna grew up in a close family alongside her older brother. With her name meaning ‘precious sparkling jewel’, she was drawn to spirituality as a child. Raised a vegetarian, Ratna loves making delicious food, and she values a fully plant-based diet as her way of life now.

In 2006, age 28, Ratna began nine years part time study at The College of Essene Healing in Auckland, New Zealand. The teachings, developed by tutor Yasha J. Lavie, drew upon the wisdom and philosophy of the ‘Spirit of the Essenes’.

“I think what led me to really engage with my spiritual path in earnest then, at age 28, was my absolute need for something real, something stable and a way to ground my emotional sensitivity. I became a mother at age 24, and the importance of becoming the best version of myself that I could for my daughter was increasingly paramount.”

Ratna was inspired by the growth and learning she received through the Essene College, to change careers (after 8 years as a fashion designer with her label R. U. Precious). She wanted to help others and became a Counsellor. She began her studies in 2010 at the Psychosynthesis Institute of New Zealand, graduating in 2014 with a Diploma of Psychosynthesis Counselling. Ratna has had a private counselling practice since 2014 as well as having worked four years for Lifeline Aotearoa and four and a half years for Whanganui Safe and Free.

“It was super important for me to find a modality of counselling that was based on the acknowledgement of our essential spiritual nature, in a non religion specific way. Psychosynthesis has been a wonderful vehicle for this.”

Ratna has a broad spiritual outlook, enriched through reading and listening to hundreds, if not thousands of hours of spiritual discourse from many spiritual teachers currently sharing their wisdom and experience with the world. She also enjoys ongoing listening and learning around topics of psychotherapy, neuro-science and healing trauma.

Ratna is a friend and colleague of mine and she is an exceedingly kind and caring person. My experience of being in her presence is easy and comfortable as her warmth and authenticity and ability to listen permeates in our connection as friends.

Ratna is deeply passionate about authenticity and spirituality and has an innate ability to discern with insight what could be going on inside oneself. I have experienced this coming from her passionate, spiritual insightfulness and walking the talk throughout her life journey.

Avril Spain, Counsellor MNZAC

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