May your sadness be met with the softest acknowledging embrace of the Divine.

Nothing, not even the slightest exhale of emotion, is not worthy of love.

No expression of human experience needs be dismissed as unwanted or unspiritual when we are learning to be present, heart centered, compassionate beings.

To find our true happiness and inner peace, we must listen to our inner experience and notice where we unconsciously/almost automatically push some parts of their process away.

And when we do go toward our challenging feelings, we need to practise discerning where the balance is between compassionate allowing inclusion, and where we might be re-striking the wheel of thoughts that keep us entrenched, identified, stuck and victimised.

In the end (and from the beginning) all that remains is loving awareness.

When someone shares their struggle with you and you tend to jump too quickly toward offering solutions or putting them in a box, it is helpful to look into what feeling YOU might be avoiding or uncomfortable with in that moment.

It’s often easier to focus on others having issues than it is to acknowledge our own reaction and take responsibility for our experience.

It’s not until we do this that we can be truly available for close connection and consciously heart centered relationships.

Learn to investigate inside when you feel discomfort, it is a helpful indicator that something is going on inside us that needs awareness and non judgemental attention.

Does the feeling subconsciously remind you of something/someone from your own past? Does it bring up helplessness or connect with your own experience of suffering in some way? Do you avoid that in yourself?

Jumping to solutions often skips over compassion.

Breathe into your inner safety.

Our breath is always there for us. It is our anchor, our haven, our most powerful regulating tool.
When we practice being with the breath, we can come home, we can rest, we can let go into presence.

A simple, yet very powerful breathing exercise is to breath in (through the nose) for the count of seven, hold for seven, breath out (through the mouth) for seven, hold for seven before breathing in again. Do this for seven rounds. It will change your state. It is good throughout this, to keep the tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Stay true to your love, to your heart’s call, to your deep knowing of wholeness and connection.

To walk the path of our heart’s deepest truth brings all of our pain and challenges to the surface. It is a path of courage, forbearance, strength, fortitude and faith.

The gift of facing and being with ourselves to such depth is that of allowing our wounds to be profoundly seen, honoured, healed and released.

It is a path of authenticity.
Complete authenticity, within ourselves and with others, is no small matter. It is a life’s work.

Thank you for being you.