No amount of money can buy you the joy of integrity.

Today I had a test. I was given what I thought was too much for a refund on something. I had a choice to say something indicating the possible mistake or staying quiet and taking the extra money.

My small fear of scarcity self was gleefully telling me I had lucked in, whilst however alongside that my honest inner self was noticing I had to rationalise my actions to smooth over my conscience.

Old fear pattern or new conscious choice?

After something of an inner tussle I spoke up. Turns out the lady was confident I had been given the right amount. So I not only got to keep the money, I also gained the deep joy of feeling in my integrity. I felt I had passed the ‘test’ and felt proud of myself. Small but incredibly significantly triumphant these moments can be.

I realised with really allowing myself to feel the joy of knowing my integrity and a sense of appropriate pride, that it was worth so so much more than the money for sure.

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