Beware of your fantasies around relationships.

Our fantasies around relationships can so often be an external projection and search for what can only be found in any reliable way within you.

Realise love AS your Self first, then we can truely be loving freely and wholly be receiving and received.

There is the reality of the need for learning through relationships as part of our required growth in coming more toward this understanding. As we learn what doesn’t work, we become clearer and more discerning about what we need to listen to. So no relationship is wrong.

However after a time, when we are chasing some dream or deep yearning we will find anyone/anything external can never fill us or satiate us completely. In moments perhaps, but they come and then go. Then we can often spend our time grasping for them again.

When the loving is recognised within your experience as your own heart, there is no need to grasp. Only to enjoy yourself and one another.

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