It is not emotion that causes suffering, it is the fear and resistance to it.

Bring your attention to the resistance and what it is afraid of, and there is where you can start to let go.

We fight with how we feel so often. When we let ourselves go and let the feelings come, it can be such a release.

Sometimes we might need to rage or cry for hours. Sometimes days or weeks, months even. But no matter how big our pain is, when we honestly allow ourselves to fully have it, it will come to an end.

Nothing lasts forever, even our deepest grief. However it will not budge or fully go away if we keep holding it out at arms length.

At some point on our adult journey we will reach a point of choice, where we can step more consciously onto our path of healing.

Here we usually need guidance and support. Here we can start to learn to be more heartful and accepting with ourself.

We can open to cry our heart out honestly, not as a victim but as a sharing of truth, and with this peace can start to come in.

The fight to not feel the bad stuff can come to rest.

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