Even the imperfections are perfection.

Do you hear your mind say ‘Yeah but not in my case they’re not’?

If so, there is an example of the inferior ego showing up.

What makes you so special to be different from all the rest of existence?…
Even if it is special in an inferior direction.

Often with the word ego, there is an idea of the sense of self importance being inflated. However ego can be super sneaky and takes many forms. An inferior ego does inflate a sense of identity, but through identifying with the ‘inadequate’ direction.

Superior or less than, are two of our ego’s favourite positions. They are two ends of the same stick.

Ego is about protection and separation. It’s task is to tenaciously maintain your sense of individual control and separation. It is like the protective wall of glass keeping a glass of sea water safe from becoming the ocean.

If you recognise you identify more with the inferior direction, your learning in releasing ego will include to affirm yourself. To find more balance within becoming comfortable and confident in knowing ‘Yes I do deserve to be happy and receive love. I am worthy and equal and whole.

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