An important shift in consciousness.

There’s a part of me that’s scared. And yet a quietness inside that can see her fear, is not inside it and knows all is well.

Often we try to push feeling fear away. Our running from it makes it hang out longer in the shadows, not fully gone.

It will pass more quickly and fully if we first allow it to be there. Then name it. See it. And see that we are also more than it.

Rather than saying:
‘I am afraid’
‘I have fear happening within me right now. I can see it.’

This is a slight shift in language, but an important shift in consciousness.

Maybe when the fear has subsided more, become curious.. take a look by asking who is it in me that gets afraid?

The very act of looking at the fearful part shows that you are not inside the fear. You must be also outside the fear to be able to view it.

This goes for any emotion.

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