The key to walking in life with inner peace and happiness is: to learn to listen.

What does it mean to learn to listen?

There are many ways and levels in which we can learn to listen.

There is the most obvious, the physical listening; listening through our five senses. Listening to the sounds of our environment, listening to the feel of touch, the aliveness of smell, the beauty of sight, the array of tastes.

There is listening to our body or what we call interoception. Where we listen to our sensations, our breathing, our inner body, our level of energy.

There is listening on the emotional level, both inwardly to how we are truthfully feeling and outwardly with a kind of attuning to others emotions empathically.

There is listening to mind activity and the mental noise of thoughts, perspectives and opinions. Both our own and others.

There is listening to our intuition and felt sense of knowing; our gut feeling.

There is listening to the subtle realms within creativity like in a painting, music or dance.

There is listening to the act of listening itself. Which connects us with the awareness dimension of experiencing our self and our own presence.

Then there is listening through our awareness and presence to the vast depth of silence and the mystery of life itself.

Meditation in its various forms is the most powerful practice we can do to strengthen our ability to listen on all levels.

And to hold an intention to be open to the unknown.

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