I am the stillness that sits inside.The presence of a hundred nights.The trust of a flower reaching for the light.

Things come and go. What is it that stays constant inside? This is the most important discovery to ‘find’. Everything else is a chasing after of the changing.

We overlook our own awareness presence, take it for granted as a ‘yeah and..?’.

However without awareness we cannot experience anything at all. Usually we focus on the content of our experience. Awareness is the context of all experience.

We have many ideas of what it means to ‘be in our heart’, when really in simplicity one way of understanding what this actually means is that we have our thought process suspended/rested enough for the simplicity of our already always present awareness/being to come to the fore. The heart does not have to be anything about emotions. Emotions can be there or not. Our heart is more like the clear space of allowing that is our being, in which all content can arise.

I am the stillness that sits inside.
The presence of a hundred nights.
The trust of a flower reaching for the light. – Your Heart of Awareness.

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