Let your body hold the emotions rather than the emotions hold you.

We are often scared to let ourselves truely feel our more difficult emotions.

There can be a fear they might be too much, that we won’t have control, that they might sweep us away or drown us.

We can learn to trust the biological intelligence of our body as a safe anchor that holds the changing tides of feeling.

Truth be told, our body already is holding all emotion for us, but we often aren’t aware of it. When we do become alive to and conscious of the way our body is feeling with the sensation of any emotion, we then have a ‘ground’ to work from, to feel stable in, to regulate with, return to and rest in.

Whenever you are feeling anxiety, panic, sadness, stress, anger, happy etc, learn to become aware of the sensation of it in your body.

For example with sadness we might feel an ache in our chest. With stress/anxiety we might have shallow breathing, a tight chest and a gripping, prickly feeling in our tummy. With anger we might feel heat rise inside, clench our fists or clench our jaw.

Becoming familiar with our body response is the most powerful way to help ourselves release trauma or stress, as this is essentially a biological process rather than a psychological one.

We can literally shake out, yell out and move our bodies the way they need to move to complete the process of energy release and come to a restoration of our relaxed state.

Learn to let your body and breath hold you, ground you and reassure you.

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