How does one learn to believe in their Self?

It comes in stages. As we grow up we first have to form an ego and an egoic self belief. Feeling some sense of how we fit (or don’t seem to fit) in the world.

As we walk through adulthood we are often challenged and shaken to begin to let this go, as life seems to have it’s own sense of how it’s going to play out.

Here comes a transition, where we can choose to hold tightly to maintaining who we think we are, or we can choose to start learning to see and unlearn all we think we know about who we think we are, to the point of absolute emptiness, a blank slate, an empty canvas, connected and one with the empty canvas upon which all of life plays out.

From here there is nothing to believe and nothing to doubt, there is only knowing of Self as truth, as essence, as presence with no name and no need for a name, as grace communing with grace in a game of consciousness.

Here we cannot fall as we have no standing and self belief is not required. From here we have no fear to be put down or raised up. From here there is no need to grasp at or to avoid any known thing or feeling for one’s sense of identity or security, as it is seen that all is changing and eventually unreliable.

Self belief of the ego is something we can gain. However if it can be gained it can also be lost. It needs defending and maintaining. It is not true self knowing and it does not make for good relationships.

Knowing Self as ever present silent formless awareness/consciousness, one recognises wholeness and truth, and with this, courage and authenticity can walk freely it’s path.

This is true Self belief. Not personal as an individual, but one with the fabric of reality.

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