The healing process is like a spiral.

That classic feeling, of ‘Oh man I thought I had dealt with that!’ An old trigger brings a hurt or trauma to the surface and here it is smacking me in the face again! And worse because my judgement and resistance towards my experience is higher than ever before, because this ain’t meant to be happening in me no more! I thought I had that sorted!

Hmmm. Well some stuff we move past and yet quite a lot of our core ‘stuff’ still sits there, and has the potential to make us vulnerable our whole life. We are human, sensitive beings.

I’m learning that it’s not so much about sorting something and being beyond it affecting me anymore, it’s more about how clearly I see, how compassionately I respond to my process, how willing I am to let go and allow it to move through, and how quickly I can re-align and return to my intention and conscious choice for goodness, gratitude, humbleness and peace.

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