Life is not always about striving for bigger better stronger, it’s also about letting go, softening, and leaning into the sublime space of surrender.

Lasting happiness comes from a combination of improving, relaxing and appreciating; enjoying what we have and learning to appreciate ourselves with where we are at and appreciate life for life itself.

We can never become happy in a future moment, the present moment is the only space where any joy of life can be experienced.

Happiness is not derived only from gaining more this or being better at that. If we aren’t able to take in our blessings and feel grateful along the way, no attainment is going to make us a happier, fuller person.

Come into this moment and consider what is here right now that you are grateful for. Let yourself feel a fullness inside in the experience of appreciating.

I know for myself, whenever there is an earthquake, I am reminded that I am so grateful for my house, my home, and our town. There is a sense of surrendering that comes over me when I realise there is nothing I can do to change the ultimate plan.

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