Spirituality is not about finding a way out into transcendental bliss, it’s about the way in; into an embodied full humanity, heart engaged, connected and alive.

A way out of suffering is often a motivation which sees us embark on our spiritual journey. We look for relief from our struggles.

What we don’t always understand, is that we can’t ‘get rid’ of our challenging experiences, but we can come into a new way of relating with them.

When we open to our human experience with a yes and lean into life with compassion and a willingness to be here, suffering decreases as our resistance decreases.

If we keep wanting to be lifted out into some unaffected state of grace, we can miss the doorways provided through our human learnings that help us come into the centre of being. When we are willing to receive life, there is a coming home to ourselves with trust, quiet joy and contentment.

We are here and human and in our bodies for a reason: not to get out and away, but to use our gifted life as the way more and more deeply in. So deeply in that there is no more the difference between in and out.

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