Love and attachment are two different things.

Love has flow and freedom, allowing and celebration, independence with sharing and togetherness.

Attachment brings fear of loss, betrayal, abandonment and rejection.
Attachment generates need, clinging, grasping/aversion, expectations, power and control struggles.

I don’t know that as humans we are able to have a close, truely connected relationship without having attachment. In my experience they come hand in hand.

It’s not that attachment is bad, in fact it is part of our greatest teacher, as the more attached we are, the more we become reflected with our fears.

And ultimately we are on a journey to learn to release our fear. So it’s all designed perfectly, to help us become aware.

It can just be so hard to trust at times, and to learn to know the difference between love and attachment and to find an inner balance where we can suffer less from our own fears.

Not for the faint hearted.

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