The clarity you seek sits in the stillness.

When our mind is working on overdrive: analysing, calculating, thinking, doubting, questioning, arguing, re-hashing, re-playing, allocating blame, considering all the factors over and over again…

and yet no matter how much thinking we do we can’t find the ‘right way’, the solution or the answer…

Realise that clarity can’t come without space and relaxation for it to reveal itself to us.

We need to slow right down.
We need to come into our body and out of our head.
We need to notice we are breathing.
We need to calm and centre our nervous system.
We need to allow simplicity to share its joy.
We need to connect and listen to our deep heart.
We need to trust the silence.

True heart clarity is not accessible through more thinking. It is available on a deeper/higher level of conscious awareness to the level of thinking.

Dropping into body, allowing emotions to move through, listening to that which is unmoving, we can connect in with inner stillness.

Here, self doubt does not exist. The clarity you seek sits in this silence.

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