You cannot force someone to grow. You can give something of a push at times, however the rate and way others change is not up to you.

Everyone’s pace and path of growth needs to be respected. The more we might monitor or analyse or try to influence it, often the more resistance is created.

We have to learn to trust what is. To come into a space of allowing and love. A space of contentment in our own knowing of ourself, not rely on someone else becoming what we think we need them to be to ensure our happiness.

If that happens then it’s a bonus, but it cannot be a reliable means for happiness if we aren’t centred in our own self.

Pay most attention to your own fears and inner conflicts, rather than someone else’s.

And yes make wise choices about what is good for you with healthy boundaries. It is never ok to accept abuse, and often in a case of abuse the change needed is in our own choice to leave and to become clear that we are worth protecting.

We cannot change others, but we can be inspiring and we can make choices that change our part of a dynamic.

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