Being kind does not equate to being a push over.

If kindness does not include respect to one’s own boundaries, then it is not true kindness.

True kindness is kind because it honours the needs and truth of all parties.

We can get caught in feeling obliged, afraid of hurting someone, wanting to keep others happy, or that it is ‘easier’ just to give another what they want.

This is often stemming from an unconscious fear of the relationship changing or of being rejected/abandoned.

When we are not being true and say yes when inside something in us knows it’s a no, all that does is enable that kind of relationship dynamic to continue and for authenticity and trust to be stunted. The connection will not flourish.

Everyone has their line, their honest yes and no, the simplicity of the way it naturally is.

Don’t try and muck with this simplicity, just follow. It will lead the way to healthy relationships. This is kindness in action.

Of course there are times a part of us doesn’t want to do something, and yet if it is important a higher us does know it’s what we want as it is our responsibility. Sometimes discerning our inner resistance is important. So we can follow our true yes.

Authenticity is the only way forward.

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