No matter how much work we do on ourselves, no matter how resilient or enlightened we become, we will still be human and vulnerable.

Often the motivation for self growth is that we seek to be free of our human suffering.

And yes, with consistent intention we can grow into a level of connection with ourself where suffering falls away.

Suffering however is different to having a natural human response to love and loss.

Human emotions in themselves are not suffering.

Suffering arises with the resistance we layer against having our painful feelings; trying no to have them.

Resistance has many guises:
-being so busy all the time we are too caught up to be with ourself.
-isolating ourselves.
-trying to fill the gap with relationships.
-thrill seeking.
-making plenty of other drama to focus on instead.
-playing victim.
-focusing only on the positive.
-seeking success/perfection.
-being ‘the strong one’.
-being the caretaker for everyone else but ourself.
-insatiable material acquisition.
-holding onto our independence too tightly.
The list goes on!!!

We try to protect ourselves, but in doing so we clad our own heart with a kind of armour and with that can’t feel fully connected or anchored within.

Spiritual awakening is about learning how to safely peel back the armour and being willing to learn to be with ourself fully and deeply; not to resist our own heart.

Without the resistance there is still the pain of the human journey, but there is not disconnection.

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