There are parts in us that we are not necessarily meant to improve or change. Instead their inadequacy or tendency to create suffering, is there to teach us to find the truth of who we are beyond them.

Sometimes parts of us, no matter what we do, we can’t seem to change or get rid of.

Consider it differently… what if, past a certain point, we are not meant to improve them? What if they are there to help us learn to find self compassion, patience, commitment and trust.

What if they are there to help us transcend our thinking of ourselves as their ego identity; to support our journey to return home to our true heart of pure awareness!!

Don’t waste time trying to make a part of you that feels unworthy feel worthy… go directly to the knowing of you that sees the unworthy part, and know yourself as that. If you can see the unworthy part, you are more than it as you are the one looking at it.

From this position of knowing yourself, you can bring forth kindness to the parts.

As pure awareness, concepts of worth have no relevance, only knowing resides.

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