Fear of painful emotions keeps us running on the surface.

When we slow down, allow our feelings, drop into and through our feelings, there we find underneath, always, the clear open space of our being. Our inner peace.

What do you do to keep running?

It is helpful to identify the ways that we avoid our feelings and what vices/behaviours we use to keep us from really being with ourself.

Common things people do:
-keep busy all the time.
-escape into a screen of some kind.
-try to never be alone.
-compulsive exercise.
-think think think.
-blame others/life.
-focus always on the next thing we can acquire/achieve.
-isolate ourselves.
-never ending list of other distractions.

All these things are all part of being human, so it’s not about putting anything into a bad box.

But what matters is, that we become aware of what we do and what is driving it.

When we start to identify.. ahh I see, here I am doing this again.. we can become curious.. what’s really going on in me?..

Then we can start to open an inner doorway toward understanding, self connection and making more conscious choices.

We do not have to be driven by an unconscious fear of feelings.

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