This moment, the eternal now, holds the entire universe.

In some of the earlier stages of spiritual seeking, it is often that people think of learning to be present as something they need to try to do, to come into the present, to become more present.

This is a good start and a helpful practice for a time, however it can become an impossible, never ending task and another way of feeling we’re failing, and spiritual practice is too hard.

Think of it this way: It’s not about continually trying to come into the present moment. As if there is you and the moment as two separate phenomena.

It’s actually about connecting. It’s a connecting in with our awareness, with feeling the energy of life unfolding, within and without, alive. This is only happening in the now.

In practicing this connecting in, with guidance we come to recognise ourselves as presence itself.

You are presence itself.

Presence is never experienced apart from your awareness. They are one.

This is yoga.

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