Do you listen with love or with judgement?

A colleague said to me recently:

‘You take all that you can get.’

I saw clearly in that moment that I could take it in two ways: one through the lense of self judgement, stemming from an old wounding, where I had been made to feel I was wrong and rejected as a child.

Or, through the lense of love and celebration…. Where I said, with my arms spread wide ‘Yeah! That’s right. Bring it on! I’ll receive as much as you can give me’. I was so happy to notice my response and hear myself celebrate 😊

I thought about it after.. mulling on whether she could have been taking a dig or not. And I realised that even if she was making a dig, it couldn’t hurt me unless I was listening through my old wounded idea of myself.

And that if I listened with openness and love, then whatever is not wholesome can only fester in it’s own bad feelings where it is coming from, and for that I can have compassion and send blessings.

This is the nature of mind. We create the quality our experience through how much love we live in within ourselves.

Love is all that will give us healing and peace in the end.

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