Life is about the quality with which you walk within it, not about where you are walking to.

Yesterday my 93yr old neighbour rang me to tell me his house was going on the market.

He’s lived there for 31yrs. His wife died a couple of months ago, and not long after, he had a fall and went to into respite care, where they told him he’s not allowed to go home and be on his own any longer.

His words were ‘So that is that’.

26 years of marriage and
31yrs of his house and tending their beautiful garden, and now he has to let it all go.

The point is.. in the end, we have to let everything go.

And if we spend our whole life focusing on where we will hopefully get to, we will not see and soak up the joy of life as we are in it.

Don’t miss what you have.

Everyday has beauty. Everyday has happy and sad and good and bad. But everyday is for being alive fully and breathing it in deeply.

Don’t miss simple glories.

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