Sadness is different to depression.

Depression is a blanket you lay over your sadness, to suppress and dampen its pain. This only delays the cleansing and healing available through expressing your deep tears.

Sometimes we need to suppress our pain, until we are resourced and ready to connect within and let it out.

We need the right support and conditions to grow.

A fruit can’t form without first a budding flower and a bee to pollinate it, it can’t grow without the rain to feed it, and it won’t ripen without enough sun. It needs loving nourishment with compost and fertiliser, to really fulfill it’s innate potential glory.

Without the right love and conditions in life, we struggle.

And sometimes our psyche protects us from this agony of lack, loss or abuse, by suppressing our pain so deeply, that even we can’t see it’s there. As we sub-consciously fear that if we let ourselves feel it, it will destroy us.

Depression sometimes is there to help hold this emotional stall out in place.

This can help us keep going, and yet we still need help.

We need to take courageous steps to reach out again and again, to gain the components that will provide us the support and nourishment we need.

As we consistently tend to our own growth, naturally our efforts will bear fruit.

And when the fruit is fully ripe, it will succumb to your harvesting hand with just a slight touch.

And you will find your inner safety and the tears can flow.

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