Ego reacts. Conscious awareness watches reaction, waits, and chooses how to respond.

You are much more than your reactions. You are the conscious awareness that can relate to your observed reaction and make a choice.

Learn to stop and look. Learn to take responsibility for your experiences and how you are taking things.

The same thing can be responded to in many different ways, depending on how different people think about it/hear it.

When something triggers you, will you take the route of your higher expression or your lower acting out?

Your ego acting out will often lead to more of the same, as it attracts and is attracted to its own vibration.

Conscious awareness can prioritise peace and care and kindness and love and moving beyond conflict.

It might seem like hard work at first to learn to stop and hold yourself rather than letting lose into reaction, but in the long run it is much harder to live a reactive life. And your relationships will suffer.

And at the end of the day, you are the one that has to be in your experience, you are the one that is with yourself and your choices and feelings every moment.
Isn’t it preferable to practice to feel and create peace?

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