The most healing feeling in the world is gratitude.

It’s obvious to feel gratitude when we are experiencing something beautiful or something that makes us happy.

Another thing to understand is that we can access gratitude even within deep sadness.

We can be grateful that we are alive, feeling deeply, and that we can learn to feel safe enough with our own heart, to acknowledge and allow any feeling.

It is helpful to practice and cultivate gratitude. Write or speak out loud things we are grateful for in any moment. Even if it is simply that we have clean air to breathe, there is always something we can learn to recognise.

We can find gratitude for the completeness of life and our healing process.

I do know of course, how hard it can be in times of darkness and sadness and fear. And how at times that fills our entire experience. Sometimes we don’t feel grateful, and that needs to be allowed authentic expression too.

And even that is perfectly ok.

The nature of life is duality. Where there is happy, there will be sad. Where there is light, there is dark.
Being grateful for the light side means without realising it, we are grateful for the dark. As without each other neither is known.

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