There are layers to the onion in the healing process.

Sometimes we do some earnest self growth work on ourselves around an issue, and can come to a place where we think we’ve dealt with it; done and dusted.
Only then to have it resurface or become triggered at a later date.

It can be very hard not to go into a horrid hole around it in our thinking, as it is so much harder to accept that it’s still in us, when we’d felt we had sorted it.

It’s useful to recognise that there are layers to our processes.

The work you have done, was a definite and necessary layer; valid, valuable and still there.

It is more that if something re-presents, it is that we are perhaps ready for the next layer.

Becoming deeper and deeper connected with our own core truth, heart and a more complete healing.

You are definitely making progress. Even if it’s hard to see at times.
Nothing is wasted.

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