Reality is the resting place.

After a relaxing experience have you heard anyone say..
‘Oh well, back to reality now’, as though being relaxed was a holiday from real life.

Actually in truth, when we realise who and what we truely are, reality is then where we will naturally come to rest.

If you want effortless peace, how could it be other than a natural, un-contrived experience of being?

We might experience highs or lows or altered states of consciousness, through different experiences, drugs or meditation, but at the end of the day, here we are again. Just here. Just ourselves in reality.

Ultimately speaking, in personal growth, once we have met our basic needs for safety, shelter and connection, there is no ‘better’ reality to find, other than deepening into our awareness of who we are already, naturally, no matter what is happening.

Learning to rest in being, synonymous with reality.

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