When we are feeling anxious, we tend to try to move away from ourselves, when what we need is to move toward ourself.

We do all sorts of things, some consciously, some unconsciously, to move away from our difficult feelings.

Often with anxiety we try to move away from it by staying busy in our thinking or being distracted in doing things.

What helps relieve anxiety is, counter-intuitively, to move toward the anxious part in us and offer it our listening, open attention.

What is this anxious part in you wanting you to hear? What does it need? It might simply need to be heard and reassured by your awareness. It might help you know if there is something you do need to address and do, that you’re trying to put aside or minimise.

Listening to our anxiety as a communication from a part of us, is different from continuing with anxiety provoking thoughts. It is more like taking our inner child under our wing and giving it support.

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