At a certain point in your journey you have to learn to let life operate on you, rather than thinking you’re the one operating your life.

Life’s wisdom is unfathomable. It knows what we need on the deepest and highest levels, for our growth to bring us into the strength of who we really are.

When we go through struggle and we don’t get what we think we want, this is a much greater design working on us, forging us, working on bringing forth the light in us, and purging what we are outgrowing and ready to release from the past.

Sometimes we need help to learn to stay with and trust the tough times. To let this work it’s magic on us, to move through and transform us, rather than us trying to always control and keep one step ahead of our fears.

When we resist, we suffer.
When we learn to release our personal agenda and move in flow with what life wants, we feel the joy and expansion of alignment, grace and wisdom.

Let life operate on you.

When we trust (even in the harder times) in a bigger process, we find gold in the centre.

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