What position your mind takes doesn’t have to encompass or define who you are or who anyone else is.

We are more than a collection of opinions, ideas and beliefs. We are a human heart, a soul, a living embodiment of consciousness.

Thoughts come and go.
Our attachment to them can be fickle and unreliable, or stubborn and damaging.

No thought in itself is rock solid truth, as we have the innate consciousness providing choice, where we can change or release our thoughts in any moment.

Thoughts can be used as powerful tools to generate connection, intelligence and growth. And yet if we are not consciously awake to our mind, our thoughts run their own course, attach to certain tendencies and generate suffering, division and fear.

Learn to become aware of what thoughts you are following. Are they cultivating gratitude, peace, prayerfulness and respect?
Or are they cultivating complacency, fear, victimhood and blame?

As an adult only we are responsible for our relationship with our mind and how this creates our reality.
Getting help to do this inner work is beyond important. It creates our whole life.

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