I’m no longer trying to be rid of difficult feelings.

I’m learning to be with myself with the whole spectrum of my experience. My feelings are teaching me deeper stability and compassion. They help me heal, be real and be alive to life.

What is your relationship like with your emotions?
Do you judge your emotions or judge yourself for having emotions?
Are you shut off from them or thrown around by them?

Learning to be truly emotionally balanced requires deep, ongoing personal growth work.

If you find your feelings hard to regulate, be in your body and your senses more. Let your body’s experience ground you and hold your feelings.

If you find emotion hard to access, listen to your body sensations. All feelings are held in the body, whether we recognise them or not. Learn to listen.

Our body provides the most powerful key to learning emotional maturity.
Body work options like yoga, chi gong, tai chi, massage etc, are all powerful tools for healing.

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