The deeper ground within you can see and identify the parts of you that come up and play.

‘I need to do what is right for me’…..

Let’s really open this out…

Experiment with being inquisitive, investigate….

Who is the ‘I’ and which ‘me’ am I referring to?

Sometimes ‘l’ can be: a protective parent part of us, or the hurt inner child part of us, or the school teacher/accountant/lawyer part of us, or the addict part of us, or the rebellious teenage part of us.

We have different experiences of what we take to be ourself all the time. We blend and are identified as one part or another at a time, often changing and conflicted.

Don’t just assume that any one part is who you are. Even the part/idea you see yourself as most of the time. We are much more than any part or collection of ideas, thoughts and memories that make up a person.

We are that which sees all parts and ideas come and go and yet remains unchanging.

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