In order for things to be re-made, they first need to fall apart.

The hardest part of the process to trust is when things as we know them are crumbling. When our sense of security or something seemingly so certain shifts, changes or is lost.

This is the nature of life however. Everything is in a constant state of growth, loss and renewal.

Look at the rhythm of the seasons for example. The basis of all nature.. We have autumn where all the old leaves fall away, then winter where the branches are barren and bare, and yet inwardly incubating life force in time for Spring, where they burst forth with new fresh growth and blossom into full abundance with the heat of summer… all to then fall away again.

If we can find peace within knowing nothing is able to be kept the same forever, then we can learn to trust life when the falls happen.

In this way we can understand that a life crisis is also a birthing ground.

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