The more you hold something out the harder it is to let it go.

What we hold out from is the feeling we fear something will bring. We can hold ourselves captive here for a long time.

We have to feel to heal.
Let the feelings come.

Some need to connect with and acknowledge more of their feelings.
Some need to learn how to regulate, balance and gain space from strong emotions.

In both cases, the body is the key.

If you need to learn to regulate and balance strong feelings…
Learn to find stability by anchoring strongly into body, the five senses, present moment awareness; reality.

If you need to connect with feelings more…
Listen to how your body is speaking and holding your feelings. Is your chest tight, your breathing shallow and your stomach gripped?
Are you hot or heart rate up?
Does your chest ache with a kind of lump or sadness?
Learn to lean in to the presence of your emotions.

The body sensations speak and are a doorway for self connection and stability.

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