It doesn’t matter what you believe. What matters is how kind you are.

All war is caused by belief.

Belief in ownership, belief in difference, belief in entitlement, belief in an idea, belief in religion, belief in grandiosity, belief in fear, belief in personal identity.

Belief is the bases of all division.

We can have endless ideas, and all sorts of things can come into our mind, but it’s not unless we believe a thought that it is given any power.

A kettle cannot boil unless it is plugged in and switched on. We plug an idea in by giving it attention (conscious or unconscious), we switch it on through believing it.

Otherwise a thought is just that, a thought. Just like a kettle is just an object we would throw away if we had no helpful use for it, we need to learn to discern if our thoughts are useful. And with how we act from there.. are we being kind?.. both inside ourselves and with others.

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