The most healing thing to do in any moment is to relax compassionately with whatever is happening inside you, not needing to change yourself.

Being kind, accepting and patient with our inner experience is the first and most powerful key to our healing.

In the end it’s all about love. And love is a forgiving, stable force, present no matter what emotion we’re feeling.

When we’re truly relaxed and kind with our process, we also gain the wisdom to look after others better.

A thought is just that; a thought.

Without us plugging into to them, thoughts have no power on their own.

And then even when we do plug into them, there a certain laws to manifestation, and the law of attraction is not simply a direct translation of our mind.

If that were the case, every child that feared a monster was under their bed at night, would have been eaten already.

Thoughts can create conflict and reality, only when we give them the energy of our consciousness; of our interest and our belief.

If we can see a thought as just that, a thought, then we can flick it off, like a flea, before it has any chance to bite.

Send it back whence it came. From the ether, back to the ether. Let the collective mind swallow it up again. It doesn’t even need to belong to us.

During hard times we need more softness.

Practice being gentle with yourself and others.

Speak kindly and learn to speak to yourself in kind ways.

Care lovingly for your body.

Bring attention to your mind and learn to bring it calm.

Listen and care for yours and other’s feelings.

Ask for what you truly need.

Do nice and healthy things for yourself.

We are all a part of this universe and we are worthy of love.

Sometimes we need to feel the pain of losing everything, even feeling like we’re losing ourselves, in order to forge our deep resolve to go within, to find who we are and to fully be here for ourselves and others.

Why do we do often need to suffer so much before we are fully prepared to listen to life and the depth of our truth?

For some reason, we humans so often seem to need a state of crisis to propel us into our growth.

Is there anything you know you need to listen to that you just keep pushing down or to the side?

It is important to pay attention to these core calls. When we don’t, often we find there are consequences.

Learn to listen and to trust yourself. And when you don’t, forgive yourself, learn and take it forward.