Confusion is sometimes a smoke screen of protection and procrastination against what we know we need to do.

Our psyche has so many unconscious ways it tries to protect us from our fears and from pain. Even the experience of being in a state of confusion over something, can be an unconscious attempt at avoidance.

There’s that sense sometimes that a deep part of us knows what we’re going to have to face on some level, and yet somehow perhaps we feel we can gain or stall time by pretending we don’t know… So convincingly, that we genuinely lose clarity, strength and will.
Which in turn is another state of suffering in itself.

Aren’t we strange human creatures 🤔😶‍🌫️🤪


There’s nothing wrong.

It’s all a part of it.

Refining and refining.

Including and including.

Expanding and expanding.

You can never stray.

It’s all in the hands of grace.

You don’t have to believe your own thoughts.

Your mind is not truth. It is just thoughts.

Some thoughts might be closer to truth than others. Some thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth.
No thought is truth itself. It’s still just a concept.

A general indicator of how much a thought is worth listening to or not is if it supports yours and others well-being or if it makes you contract, tense or collapses your capacity to live your potential.

Choose what you want to follow. Choose what you want to create.

Live singing bowl meditation.

Live half hour guided singing bowl meditation was held tonight on Instagram @ratnadyer.
I am doing one every two weeks. Please join us live next time, or enjoy the replay on Instagram.

I have titled the meditation:
Breathing in love.
Being embodied presence.
Trusting this moment.

Blessings and trust for all.
🙏💙 Ratna.