Rushing only keeps you running.

When there is a kind of nibbling anxiety and you notice you are rushing from one thing to the next.. that is the time to sit, allow space, feel your breathing, connect with the silence of your ever present being. Come home inwardly, then move from there. Rushing only keeps you running.

What is my priority? To be inwardly at peace, centred, connected and in touch with my wholeness. In this way I can also then be the most loving and helpful for others.

When I notice I am busy busy with activities that yes need to be done, but I am impatient with each one with a feeling of running behind time. This is red flag 🚩 moment signalling a trick of the ego to keep me out of my centre, with the promise of being able to relax when…

We need to learn to short circuit this rat wheel we find ourselves on, by stepping off long enough to breathe out, soften our forehead, our tight jaw, lower our shoulders, breathe into our lower belly and notice the light, sounds and silence all around.

Each moment is a quality of being which comprises our experience of life.

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