The only thing that is reliable as an unbroken source of happiness is your true Self.

How many years I fought this. Looking to my dream of the right relationship to fill me up. Life kept showing to me the nature of impermanence. The changeability, the loss the gain. The up followed by the down. The attachment creating so much more fear.

I am learning to let go and trust. Of course I and all of us are human and always vulnerable and able to be wounded by losing someone we love. But I am so so grateful that through working with a therapist myself for ten years, to have found enough clarity in my psychological process to not be caught up so much in my conditioning. And through yoga and meditation I have found a pathway to keep returning home to myself, to rest in being, love and compassion, truth and the spiritual heart.

Here I feel no matter what happens, nothing is lost. I am whole.

There is nothing more worthwhile than investing in your own self growth. It is the one thing that will never leave you.

Thank you. So much gratitude.

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