Even the loudest external noise is no match for the quiet immensity within you.

People are often afraid of too much silence. Like their loneliness, anxiety, feelings of rejection or lack of support are going to get louder if they don’t fill the silence with sound.

Often silence and stillness does allow space for unhealed stuff to arise with the opportunity be released, and this can often be scary and challenging. But this work must be done at some stage. We can’t keep running from our tough stuff forever.

And then, when we’ve sat with ourselves and paid enough loving attention to our own hearts, we can then taste the deliciousness of our inner silence much more readily.

Silence is an ever present doorway into self. Into the depths of now. Into the grace of the universe and the dancing of the stars.

Let yourself learn to lean into it. Let the silence become bright and clear. Let yourself recognise it’s immense gift.

Silence is the seamless truth of our soul.

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