Knowing something logically and moving through something emotionally are two very different things.

‘Rush!’ says the mind.. ‘Figure this out before it gets you down! We have to have this wrapped up and under control! Just sort it, fix it, twist it, contend it, get rid of it, anything to get it sorted. No matter who’s in the way!’

‘But there is my hurt and sad and the need to be helped and heard’, says emotional heart. What do I do with that? She asks the mind.

‘Get over it, drink it, drug it, plug it, collapse it. Never mind it. Transcend it. It doesn’t matter. You just have to not exist. I have got this.’ Is the reply.

‘But how am I to heal and open and feel love when even you don’t want me?’ cries emotional heart.

Heart: ‘What you don’t realise dear mind, is that I hold the key to the freedom you seek. I am a doorway to peace. I am a opening of grace, when you can connect deeply within me and allow me to move you. I am the one who sits and waits and will never leave until you see you are whole. I am here as your guide and guardian. I am the one whom will not let you stray too far, as my suffering pulls you back to the path. If you neglect me, you will inevitably find me and, when you learn how to finally allow yourself to be safely present with me, I will wash you clean with my ocean of tears. And we find ourself together on the shore of self love.

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