Grace comes in all number of forms. In unexpected ways. Stay open. Allow things to unfold.

We can’t know what will happen from one year to the next. Sometimes even from one week/day/hour/minute to the next.

The nature of life is movement. On a microscopic level, our cells are constantly vibrating and moving. If they become still, there is no life force there.

We cannot make things rigid and still feel fully alive.

And as humans, we try to gain control and a sense of stability and security in the best ways we can. This is great in many ways, and provides a quality of foundation. However sometimes life will send us the unexpected, maybe even a tsunami to wash all we know away. And we are forced to learn to swim again.

We need both flexibility and consistency within the energy of commitment.

Grace comes in this way. Some call it ‘fierce grace’ at times. We can struggle to find the gift. But if we stay open, ask for help and choose to walk the path of truth and the heart, we will find our life expands and we can come to a place of some gratitude and more trust.

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