Any treasured concept one might have of God,in order to fully realise and merge with God, this concept at some point needs to be released.

God is in the field beyond all ideas or concepts we might have of him/her.

Most often we approach our relationship with God/Spirit/Source/Consciousness/Allah/Buddha/Tao/Jesus/The Universe – whichever name you want to give it (I will use the term God here for the sake of ease) – We approach our relationship with the notion that there is God and there is me.

We have ideas of some kind of form for God, around the world with all cultures we have notions of all kinds.

The fundamental notion of God as something outside of us/other than us is already leading us away from true understanding.

God is infinite. I love these words that I once heard Mooji Baba speak:

“Can you stand outside the infinite?”

If God is infinite how can it be that there is God and then there is me? If there is only the infinite oneness creation, then this duality is actually not reality/right perception.

Only our thought process and concepts of God create this supposed separation. Like a layer of film, thought believes we are outside looking in.

Any thoughts process or concept we have of God, at some point on our spiritual journey, will need to fall away in the seeing and direct knowing and being of oneness consciousness; Self realisation.

No concept/religion/name remains.

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