How to gage a good friendship?When you know without reservation that you can fully be yourself.

We need to be with people that we just know we are safe to be ourself with.

When this is not happening, we can maybe feel like we have to be careful with how we say things. We might feel we have to in a way try and keep the other happy or not offend them. We might feel a kind of unspoken judgement or envy or need from them. We might feel we would like to ask for something from our side and yet instinctively sense that there’s not space for our needs or that we can’t be heard or received.

When we can fully be ourselves, there is an ease, a freedom, a mutuality, a flow. Each cares equally for the other and yet also doesn’t compromise them self in order to try to please.

We know we are respected and loved. We can be vulnerable and in our heart and we can also be exuberant and wild and fun. We can shine and laugh together.

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