There is no such thing as an unwounded healer.

We all start somewhere on our path of healing. And in order to have something of an understanding about the healing journey, we need to be walking it.
There is no one I have ever met that hasn’t been propelled towards healing without experiencing it’s contrast.

Healing starts from some form of wounding. Otherwise why would we need to heal.

And yes we do heal, we change, we grow, and at the same time this does not mean that the wound is absolutely fixed and gone.

It more means that our wounding has taught us the absolute need to have to find our way and to be more gentle inside. It helps us discover the need for more acceptance and compassion and to cultivate patience and trust in the process.

We can’t get rid of our wounding, but we can learn to have a spacious and loving relationship with it.

Our vulnerability continues to keep us humble, open and kind, learning and growing.

There is no such thing as an unwounded healer.

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