Learn to notice where you hold tension in your body.

Our body is constantly holding and experiencing our emotions. Whether we are aware of it or not.

Learning to listen to our body sensations and come more into an embodied way of being enables more inner peace, relaxation and a deepening of connectedness.

Inner body awareness develops self awareness.

It brings a better knowing around how we are really feeling, what we need and how to care for ourselves.

When we are anchored in our body we sense we are stable enough to feel fully and deeply and yet not be overcome.

Learning to listen, you can notice your breathing. How your body moves with your breath. You can feel the clothing on your skin, your feet touching the ground.
Become aware of any tension. You might notice a tightness across the chest or a gripping in the stomach.
Do you clench your jaw?
Are your shoulders lifted?
Is your breath shallow?
Do you frown across your forehead or squint your eyes?

Even in the noticing the letting go and healing can start to occur.

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