Trust your true heart. It knows what you most deeply want.

How do we know the difference between our true heart’s desire and our ego’s never ending wants and needs?

Often our true heart’s desire is more aligned with developing a deeper and longer term inner growth than a short term feel good.

Our heart holds a calling for coming home to ourselves. A calling that outweighs all difficulties we will have to move through along the way.

Life often doesn’t give us what we expect and what we want. We need to learn to see that our attempt to gain happiness and satisfaction from getting life going right (and our relationships being how we want them and having all our problems sorted etc) is unreliable.

Our heart wants to rest in its own knowing. Not chase after some ever moving carrot.

If you’re not getting what you want, perhaps your heart has the opportunity here to open more and to hold you as nothing else ever can.

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