Relational intelligence is of upmost importance in life.

Our relationships are so important. We need to be able to share ourselves and support each other.

Spiritual practice is important, and at the same time, if we are great at meditation but terrible at considering other people, then something in us isn’t integrated.

If we are really good at changing the light bulb, but not able to change our perspective and really put ourselves in another’s shoes, then at some point we will hit up against our own rigidness as it comes back at us.

I really like what Ram Dass said: “If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents.”

The proof is in the pudding.

Do you really truely look at the patterns you have in relationships? Do you enquire into yourself, your reactions, your motivations, fears, inspirations? Have you unpacked what hurts you have and protective mechanisms you developed through growing up? We ALL have them, no matter how idyllic our childhood was.

It’s not about navel gazing, it’s about awareness. We don’t need to dwell on the past, but we need to be able to identify how and where the past is unconsciously continuing to play out in our relationships now.

With this awareness we can start to update ourself and open to create more conscious choices. We can be more connected and honest in relationship. We can be less controlling and stubborn, better at listening and more patient and compassionate.

A much nicer feeling all round.

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